Saturday, April 24, 2010

Come Fly Away

Greetings from the Hotel Roger Williams in New York City, a brief escape during a busy and stressful time. I had to come to Manhattan for the weekend to have a moment to blog. Blame eight-week grand jury duty three days a week (at the midpoint as of yesterday), the usual work chaos (now compressed into two days a week as well as evenings and weekends), trying to keep up with teaching (my one break from which is this weekend, hence the trip to New York), and a family crisis -- Mom fell, was hospitalized, and is now in rehab. More on that when I have time to reflect.

Plan for the day: the new Hester Street Fair, the vegan bakery BabyCakes, maybe lunch at this longtime favorite of D's, dinner at the vegan restaurant Candle Cafe (I have the cookbook), and tonight Come Fly Away.

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